Summer Art

Jazzy McGranaghan


Frida Kahlo

In the summertime, I like to work with watercolors because they capture the feeling of summer. In this portrait, I chose to play with warmer tones and, as usual, a lot of florals. I am always inspired and influenced by other artists, and at the beginning of summer, when I completed this piece, I was particularly drawn to Frida Kahlo's work. She had such a difficult life, and I appreciate the raw messages behind her work. She is one of the most influential artists, and I tried my best to do her justice.


Berry Season

When I was younger, hands used to be the one thing I dreaded drawing. I could never get the proportions correct, and that was always so frustrating. Now they are one of my favorite subjects! So in early July, when my sister took this picture of me holding strawberries, I knew I had to paint it. This piece is a tiny 6"x6" oil painting on a wooden panel. I had always used canvas up until this point and loved the smooth finish of the oil on wood.