The Bachelor Review

By Lauren Dymek

The latest season of The Bachelor just wrapped up. Two people who have been dating for about a month or so are now happily engaged. Theworst part though, is that I am now left with nothing to do on Monday nights until May 22nd.  This season has had some controversial characters, and the path that the show has been down has also been questioned. Here’s my review on the main players of the season: 

Nick:  Nick Viall was this seasons Bachelor. He was a controversial pick, due to his history with TheBachelor franchise. This was Nick’s fourth time on any spinoff of the bachelor, so his time tofind love, and his fifteen minutes of fame, were quickly drying up. After his failing to find lovewith Andi, Kaitlyn, and Bachelor in Paradise, producers decided to put this familiar face in themost powerful position, The Bachelor. To some fans, the choice to make Nick the Bachelor was a sellout move by the show. They put the most familiar and overused face of the Bachelor franchise up on the big screen in order to boost ratings. Some even dare to compare him to Juan Puablo (aka the absolute worst bachelor of all time)!! In my humble opinion, I think Nick was an amazing choice for the Bachelor. The show tapped into what the audience wanted to see. The audience is interested in a fun and crazy show, and what better person to choose than the bad boy who just wants to find love? 

Vanessa:  The winner of Nick’s heart this season was the one and only Italian Canadian, VanessaGrimaldi. Vanessa is a hard-headed lady with a big heart. She is a special education teacher in Montreal, so she immediately won the nation’s support. Throughout the season, Vanessa was likeable because she was the one who was realistic. She would often confront Nick when he was being a little too crazy, or when he seemed to brush important issues under the rug. One of the most iconic Vanessa scenes was when she threw up in a zero gravity machine on their first date, and then went on to gush about how caring Nick was because he stopped bouncing around in zero gravity so she would not be throwing up on national television alone.

 Corrine:  This season's villain (until Taylor, at least but that’s another story) was Corrine Olympios. I thinkthat Corrine might be the most controversial villain in the seasons of the bachelor that I have watched. She is the daughter of a rich Miami businessman who spends her days cruising on yachts and shopping (I would know; I watch her snapchats)!! Corrine also has a nanny, Raquel. Raquel isn’t just a nanny though; she is also Corrine’s support system who was there for her when nobody else was. Raquel also makes the best cheesy pasta (NOT mac and cheese) that Corrine has ever had. The majority of the girls in the house hated Corrine because she really did whatever she wanted. She went after Nick, brought in a bouncy house, played a whipped cream trick, refused to scoop poop on a group date, and even took a few naps. This out of the mold attitude lead to a lot of annoying drama and screaming at cocktail parties. At first, it was really funny but then it just became out right annoying. Overall I think that Corrine is awesome. She was never ever going to win, and was obviously there to brand herself to Bachelor nation, but who can blame her? She did exactly what she was casted to do, and she brought a lot of viewers and talk to the show. So overall, valuable member to the team and I’m excited to see her appear on paradise this summer.

 Rachel:  Rachel is the next Bachelorette!!! She is a lawyer from Texas who is a lot of fun and also seems super nice. This is also super exciting because it is the show’s first African American Bachelor or Bachelorette. I am very supportive of the show finally introducing diversity and I think thatRachel is the perfect person to lead this change in the pace of the show. I love that she is so intelligent, independent, and realistic. She seems like a lot of fun and full of personality, so she’ll make for a great Bachelorette. As for her role during Nick’s season, she was a strong competitor who I thought would make it to the final two. I was not surprised when she got sent home only because by that time she was already announced to be the Bachelorette. Also, I think that her and Nick didn’t mesh very well, she was just too good for him. On to bigger and better things for Rachel!


Overall, I would have to say that it was a good season of the Bachelor. The beginning was for sure more dramatic than the second leg, but it was still a quality waste of two hours every Monday and I will definitely continue watching. Also, in case any reader are thinking about going on the Bachelor any time soon, here is my game plan for how to maximize impact:

  1. Give yourself a brand (aka Mr. Cupcake, Dolphin Girl, etc.) 
  2. Make it to the hometowns
  3. Get sent home (make sure to cry in the limo home) 
  4. In the midst of tears, begin to talk about your struggles in finding love 
  5. Utter those iconic words through tears “Maybe I am just unlovable”. 
  6. BOOM! You will now be the next Bachelor/Bachelorette. Congrats!