The Best and Worst of Gilmore Girls

By Jenna Pearlstein

On November 24th, the long awaited Gilmore Girls reboot will be launching on Netflix. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is a four-part series, each corresponding to a certain season. In preparation for this monumental release, I have compiled the top 3 best and worst Gilmore Girl episodes via


610 He’s Slippin’ Him Bread… Dig?

 In this episode Luke struggles to tell Lorelai about his daughter. Instead of having a dramatic, suspenseful mood, it was just frustrating. April was always irritating and her addition to the plot seemed imprudent. And is it a coincidence that Lane and her band show up in this substandard episode? Let's be honest. We all miss Lane and her nerdy boyfriend, Dave! Zach and Lane's pregnancy scandal was not just jumping the shark, it was bounding two sharks (and an alligator). You could see the desperation as the writers tried to find something to do with these two, we are not amused.

77 French Twist

Everyone knows these Lorelai and Chris are not a good match! Oh, but let’s not have them merely strike up an engagement, no! They, of course, must elope TO PARIS! Bedlam! Rory's own parents finally remarry after 20 years of separation. Her childhood dreams come true and they don't have the decency to share the moment with her, sigh!! And how cheesy was that view of Eifel tower, amateur hour! I felt like I was dining at a cheesy Mock-Parisian bistro with wallpaper decals.

211 Secrets and Loans

 One of the worst of the earlier seasons, Lorelai refuses to seek help from her parents. Her juvenile immaturity was trite at this point. They are her own parents for Pete’s sake!  Also I must ask, what was up with the troubadour. So he sings… got it, but who is he, what is he wearing, what is his source of income!?! And Lane is cheerleader, OY VEY!


422 Raincoats and Recipes

 Finally, we got the dynamic duo back together when Rory comes home from college (but were they ever really apart?). Seeing Lorelai living her dream at the test run of the Dragon fly in was truly the best. She works so hard, and deserves this opportunity.  AND LUKE AND LORELAI finally get together, or at least on the preliminary level! Only took four whole seasons for a kiss that we saw coming from episode one!!!

37 They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?

This episode showcases the small-town, famous Star’s Hallow atmosphere. The Dance Marathon is a classic example of the arbitrary competitions that Taylor Dosey facilitates in town for no coherent reason. This episode seems to center around the tangled love triangle of Dean and Jess (team Jess duh) but ultimately is about the support system that Rory has in her mother.

722 Bon Voyage

Ah the finale, I'm going to boil this excitement down to a product of the show's termination. Without Amy Sherman Palladino, can Gilmore Girls really end? Apparently not! I guess the ending kept Amy up at night too! I will admit the cyclical nature of the last episode was endearing. Seven years later and the Gilmore Girls were right back where they started! The finale certainly left something to be desired, hopefully A Year in the Life will ease the anguish of this unsettling ending.

All photos are from Netflix.