The Silent Sonata 

By Sarah Grogan

I based this piece on my interpretation of a sonata (a music composition consisting of three separate movements). Each piece represents a different movement. Starting with the "Allegretto," the fast and bright tempo section. To capture the feeling of the music, I made the watercolor in layered, saturated tones with swirl-like motions to show upbeat rhythm. The second piece, "Andante moderato," represents a slightly slower section. I created even-flowing lines, and continuous watercolor drips to highlight the differences between the slowness and quickness of the two works — lastly, the "Vivace," which indicates the recapitulation with the fastest tempo. I placed dots and beaming lines over bright colors to shows the "sparks and joy" of the ending piece, as well as the increased tempo.

-Image 1: Vivace

-Image 2: Andante Moderato

-Image 3: Allegretto

Media type: Watercolor and Gold Leaf