To Infinity and Beyoncé 👑 🐝 👑 🐝

By Sinduri Soundararajan

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On September 29, I had the amazing opportunity to see Beyoncé perform live at the Lincoln Financial Field on her Formation World Tour. My sisters and I were gifted tickets to this concert months in advance, and I had a concert countdown going for over 100 days. I spent hours listening to Lemonade, picking out shirts with the best Beyoncé quotes, and smiling with excitement in preparation for this concert. And it was all so worth it!

That Thursday night was one of pouring rain and harsh winds. After an hour of waiting for the show to start, I began to worry that Beyoncé would not come on because of the weather. But like the tickets stated, Queen Bey was coming on with rain or shine. And when she did, she KILLED it. Beyoncé changed from one skintight leotard to the next, sporting Ivy Park attire and 4 inch heels. The performance was full of beautiful choreography, amazing vocals, and screaming fans.

To conclude, Beyoncé was nothing short of spectacular and despite the rough weather, I could not have asked for a better first concert ever. #DontWorryBeYoncé 🍋🍋