Top 10 Wacky Ways to Say Happy Valentine's Day Without Seeming Basic (Not in order)

By Mila Lacey

These are some fun and catchy ways to wish people a Happy Valentine’s Day! These are very creative, unique and each carefully thought out!

  1. Happy Day of the Doves.

  2. You two look like a pair of swans!

  3. *Blow air kisses in your recipient's general direction*

  4. Sing Ave Maria, but only the Ave Maria part.

  5. Make the shapes X’s and O’s with your arms.

  6. Thank the Saint Valentine.

  7. Throw Hershey’s Kisses at pedestrians.

  8. Give out pictures of an actual heart.

  9. Shout “I want to know what love is.”

  10. Cardiologists hate this day.