Top 10 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day Alone (Not in order)

By Mila Lacey

A funny compilation of things to do alone on Valentine’s Day. The following are not meant to be taken seriously but these are still activities anyone can try for a fun time!

1. Candlelit dinner, by yourself.

2. Listen to 50 Shades of Grey on audiobook, while taking a long drive.

3. Take a bath while drinking sleepy time tea.

4. Take a Zumba class!

5. Have spaghetti and meatballs and watch Lady and the Tramp.

6. Paint on your walls, blindfolded, with red, white, and pink.

7. Make snow angels (if no snow make it in mud).

8. Go to a cooking class and make oatmeal with raisins, for two.

9. Adopt an ant farm and name each ant.

10. Learn sign language and sign to yourself in the mirror.