Top Taylor Swift Hits For Each Valentine's Day Mood

By Lauren Dymek

With Valentine’s Day here, love is definitely in the air, and everyone knows that music reflects our truest feelings. That being said, who else is there to listen to on this heart-eyes day other than Taylor Swift, aka THE QUEEN of love and heartbreak? So, this Valentine’s Day here are the top 5 Taylor Swift love songs for every type of Valentine’s Day you might be having this year!

If you’re… in love:

  • Ours (Speak Now)

  • Stay Stay Stay (Red)

  • Sparks Fly (Speak Now)

  • You Are in Love (1989)

  • Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) (Taylor Swift)


If you’re… in heartbreak </3:

  • Dear John (Speak Now)

  • Back to December (Speak Now)

  • Picture to Burn (Taylor Swift)

  • Come in with the Rain (Fearless Platinum Edition)

  • All too Well (Red)


If you’re… in like:

  • Hey Stephen (Fearless)

  • Enchanted (Fearless)

  • Fearless (Fearless)

  • Jump Then Fall (Fearless Platinum Edition)

  • Superman (Speak Now)


If you’re… feeling like who needs a Valentine’s?! I want to dance with my friends!

  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Red)

  • Better than Revenge (Speak Now)

  • Shake it off (1989)

  • Welcome to New York (1989)

  • New Romantics (1989)