By: Brianna Sterbakov

Each photo is unedited, and hopefully, each photo represents another feeling, emotion, or time in life.


Sunshine Child: Simple sunny days even in the turning weather make me think of innocence, so I decided to capture Dylan. Here he is wide-eyed, smiley, and surely innocent enough to reflect my emotions.


Night Lights: Nothing special about our city, it takes the right person with the right view to understand its lights shine for them. Evelyn, my lovely subject, would disagree, to her Philly is exciting and colorful, which makes sense if you meet her. A colorful girl to reflect a colorful city.


Little Girl Blue: My little sister, a bright shining light in my life, is not happy with me in this photo. She says the flash hurt her eyes but it's alright because you can't tell, she promised me she wouldn’t blink. She sat in her favorite chair. She had just gotten done some of the night's first-grade homework.