Wave Longboard

By Katie Lewis

Acrylic Paint Pen on Wood

Since I was a little kid, I have had a love for skateboarding, surfing and art. My main goal for this project was to combine these passions. Earlier in the fall, I decided that I needed a new longboard and wanted to make it my own. So, I bought a blank 44' pintail deck and decided to paint barreling waves on it with acrylic paint markers. I must have spent a solid week sketching out, erasing, then re-sketching the waves, trying to get them perfect. Even when I was painting them, I still messed around with the shape and the placement of the lines, until I made it just right. During the process, the waves went from having a ton foam painted on the lip, to a little bit of foam, to none at all. It was a process that took the better half of a month. Lastly, the color scheme was inspired by classic 60s surfing style.