What is Love? (Baby Don’t Hurt Me)

By Emily Sinrod

Love can be expressed in many different ways and hold different meanings to different people. Whether this love is for a significant other, for friends, or for family, love is a very powerful force that brings meaning and purpose to our lives. How do we define love at Harriton High School? In honor of Valentine’s Day in the month of February, your fellow peers answered this question and reflected on the love in their lives anonymously below.

“I think love is the most beautiful thing we can do as human beings! A lot of people say they don't like to throw the word love around and I've never felt like that, although I understand why people regard it with such sincerity - because it is not of throw away importance! However, I think there are many ways to love and many things to love. The love you feel for your best friends will be different than the love you attach to your favorite books or songs. In my opinion that is no reason to not love those things or allow yourself to feel completely open with your own emotions!”

“Love is willing to make sacrifices for the person or thing, but not consider it to be a sacrifice, to be willing to do anything for that person or thing.”

“I think love doesn’t have any specific definition and there is no one feeling of love. Everyone has feelings and at a certain point you are in love but it’s not like there is a checklist of things every relationship must have and then you are in love. Love exists but it’s not the same for everyone or for the same person with two different people. Love to me isn’t rare it’s just hard to pinpoint because there is one one feeling but also you can love someone when you really know them and you can imagine your life with them romantically or non-romantically and you value their happiness on the same level or higher than your own.

“Love is finding someone with whom you would gladly share your Wawa chocolate milk.”

“To me, love is pink and starry. It is citrus fruits and inside jokes. Love is lights blurring by and my favorite song from 8th grade. Love is when a plane takes off and lands and shakes in the air and your hands are entwined with the person next to you the whole time, eyes squeezed shut. Love is shapeless, organic, a ghostly form. Love is sheets fresh from the dryer. Love is my mom, she is sunshine. Love is happy and warm. Love is sunshine on the backs of eyelids- red and hot and wonderful. Love is crying with your best friends because you've never been that happy in your whole life. Love is the songs my parents used to sing me before bed. Love is snowflakes melting on your eyelashes.”

“There are an enormous amount of words in the English language and I could never put any combination of them together to fully describe how much love means to me and how important it is to have love for yourself and for others but the truest love I ever felt was for a boy and to this day my heart skips a beat whenever he walks into a room and the simple act of having him near puts me completely at ease - as if I could do anything because he believed in me.”

“People show that they love each other every day, whether it’s romantic or platonic, big or small! To me, love is dancing around the kitchen with your best friends and making milkshakes late at night. It’s jumping on a trampoline and laughing until you can’t breathe. It can be wild car rides with someone you might not even know, or it can be knowing someone even better than you know yourself. Love is a hug that makes you feel warm and safe, it’s holding hands with someone you care about, and it’s everywhere!”

“Love is comfort and love is happiness. I have yet to 'fall in love' in my life, but those that I do love at the moment- my friends, my family (and my dog hehe) are those that I feel completely comfortable with and look forward to spending time with.”

“I don't know what loves is but right now I feel like I'm learning what it isn't. I get infatuated and obsessed with people too often and too easily. That's nice when you don't have to follow up with it, but if you're actually with that person it kind of ruins things because you've already built them up in your mind and imagined yourself like laughing with them and set yourself up to be a little disappointed. So I guess if that's not what love is, it has to be about seeing people as real people and respecting that. Like people don't exist in relation to you and you shouldn't exist in relation to them, you can't expect other people to be a certain way and you shouldn't feel like you have to change yourself either.”

“I think that love is a feeling when you care so much for someone or something that it becomes a significant part of your life, and something that is hard to go on without. Love means that you can go through all different emotions and situations with someone, but you still care for them and want them in your life. There are different forms of love: familial love, love in friendship, and romantic love. There are loves of things, objects, hobbies and pets as well. For me, I don't think that I express often my feelings of love, but I think for some of the people in my life, it is clear.”