What's Your "Space Name"

On a lazy night over Memorial Day Weekend, my friend Jenna Pearlstein, and I sat on the couch, surrounded by our sleeping friends, deeply invested in Disney movie, Zenon: The Zequel. Zenon is a fifteen year old girl living in space in the year of 2051, who gets in trouble and has to spend time in the “Alien Watch” department of her aircraft as a punishment. As we observed the movie, something stuck out to us: how freaking cool all of the character’s names were. As we appreciated the space‐themed names such as Nebula and Orion, and fell asleep before finishing the movie, a plan began to unfold in my head‐ how sick would it be if we had space names? To find your Space Name inspired by the 2001 movie, follow the directions below: Use your first and last initial to find your space name!