Winter may be a cold and dark, but this list of activities to do will make the first few months of the new year much more enjoyable and delightful!

  1. Go ice skating with friends

  2. Take a trip to the movies

  3. Spend some holiday $$ at the mall w/others

  4. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi

  5. Spend the weekend skiing/snowboarding (if you know how…)

  6. Get zen at your local yoga studio

  7. Go sledding if mother nature has graced you with some snow:)

  8. Read a book for pleasure

  9. Look at some art at a museum

  10. Watch movies all day

  11. Take a long nap on a rainy day

  12. Bake cookies for your friends and family

  13. Go to a concert!

  14. Watch the holiday light show

  15. Make your parents breakfast

  16. Workout at the gym

  17. Host a board game tournament