Featured Artist: Jeff Burk

By Lily Strailey 

Jeff Burk is a junior at Harriton and a great musician. He plays in a band called Snowed-In but writes and records by himself as well! ☺  You might have seen him perform at the Rap Slam concert or at a local venue. If you haven’t or if you love his music, check out some of his covers below!! They are super fun and range from Bob Dylan to Taylor Swift to Japanese Breakfast! YAHOO!

1.    Talk about your inspirations and influences.

There’s an artist named Ty Segall, he’s pretty cool. He has a lot of albums and he records them all himself so he’s pretty cool and a big inspiration.

2.   How do you write a song? Do you write the music or lyrics first?

 I’m really not good at lyrics so I usually try to write the music first but it’s a pain     because lyrics are hard to set to music so I am going to try to start writing the lyrics first more.

3.     Do you feel a need to create?

I mean, music is sort of the only thing I do so I guess I feel a need to create?

4.     How many instruments can you play and which is your favorite?

I only play two: bass and guitar. I can’t sing and play bass so I guess guitar is my favorite.

5.     Do you remember the moment you realized you love music?

No! Well, I started playing bass and for the first two years I was like, “This is annoying!” and then I started liking it I guess.

6.     Do you get stage fright or are you totally comfortable on stage?

I used to do a lot of open mikes and I used to get really nervous before them and then, now, I just don’t anymore because I’ve just done it a lot.

7.     Favorite genre/style of music?

I really like low fi dream pop, it’s pretty cool because it sounds really homemade, you know?

8.     Favorite band?

Right now, this band Whaler, like whales in the ocean, like killing them? They’re from Philly and they’re pretty cool.

9.     Favorite album?

It’s called Summertime Bloodsport by a band named A Weekend At the Feelies.

10.  Desert island song? (If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?)

Bike by Pink Floyd.

11.  Favorite song to dance to? (Unless you don’t dance in which case- LAME!)

I Am The Sea by The Who.

12.  Do you prefer making music by yourself or in a band?

They’re just different because when I am by myself, I can just do whatever I want but when I am with a band, everybody puts everything together, you know?

13.  Do you think you will pursue music after high school?

I want to! I want to go to college and study jazz guitar but I am really not good enough to do that.

14.  One song you wish you wrote.

America by Simon and Garfunkel.

15.  Have you ever written a song for someone?

Yeah, but in a funny way, not in a serious way.


Well, both of my parents are musicians. My dad plays just about every instrument and my mom plays ukulele and piano. She has a really nice guitar and bass but she doesn’t play them and they’re too nice to let me play so I have to get good for her to let me play them! I’m almost there I think.


17.  Favorite emoji!
The tent emoji with the moon but it updated and now it’s just a tent and it’s kinda sad. But it’s cute.

18.  Most used emoji!
I think it’s a heart because I’m boring. Yeah, it’s the red heart. And then it’s the face with the steam coming out.

19.  Favorite food.

20.  One place you want to travel.
I went to LA a year ago maybe and it was really cool but I never travel so maybe every place is really cool, you know? But I definitely want to go back to California.

21.  Favorite movie.
(After much contemplating) Avatar the Last Airbender.

22.  Cheaper by the Dozen 1 or 2?
I’ve never seen either one so I’ll go with Cheaper by the Dozen 3.

23.  Favorite book.
Into the Wild. I really like it but my English teacher doesn’t like it so we’re not reading it so I’m sad because it was the one book I was looking forward to reading.

24.  If you could have any wish granted, what would it be and why!!
I’ve always wanted to be taller. I’m like 5’6 or 5’7 and it’s such an awkward middle height! Everybody in my band is tall- Andrew is like 6’3 and so is Ethan. Our old bass player was like 6’5!

25.  If you could move anywhere in the world, where would it be?
The West Coast. I don’t really know where on the West Coast but somewhere. I want to move away for college- I don’t want to stay in Pennsylvania. Philly is pretty cool but I don’t want to stay here.

26.  And finally, guilty pleasure song/album/band/ whatever!
Guilty pleasure? A Thousand Miles! I know it on guitar. And it’s only my guilty pleasure half for the meme.
Jeff also said, “2003, best year for music. Christina Perry’s A Thousand Miles came out that year.” (IT’S ACTUALLY BY VANESSA CARLTON!)