/ˈzēnəTH/    the time at which something is most powerful or successful

Our Vision

The purpose of Zenith is to represent the creative voice of Harriton students. It gives students the opportunity to showcase their artistic potential. We seek to highlight not just the visual arts at Harriton, but all creative endeavors. Zenith is a safe place, where your perspective is not only accepted, but encouraged. Our website is an all-inclusive platform, which we believe will be the key to our future success. Let’s create, express, and inspire, together!


Honora Jackson and Kate Witman

Editors in Chief

Katie Lee, Olivia Gregonis, Liza Cohen, Zoey Greenberg, Jenna Pearlstein

Site Designers

Sindu Soundarajaran, Angela Sjoblom, Dani Benstock, Rachel Brown