HTC’s Production of How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

By Emily Sinrod

Do you know how to apply for a job? Do you know how to advance to the mailroom? Sit down at a desk? Decide who to lunch with? The Harriton Theater Company definitely knows these things from their fantastic performance of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

How to Succeed follows J. Pierpont Finch as he climbs the steps to the top, using a book as his guide to make his way from being a window washer to chairman of the board of a major company. Finch tricks and cheats the people around him with his wit and charm, while of course singing and dancing along his journey.

A major aspect of this show its time period. Set in the 1960’s, How to Succeed showcases the work life of a business in an enormous office. The show also offers a variety of sixties costumes, glamorous hairstyles, and classy set pieces. HTC captured the essence of fashion and design of a workplace in the sixties in this show. Pastel colors, rolling desks, slicked back hair, shift dresses, beehive hairdos, and an elevator with sliding doors were all highlights of the design aspects of the show.

Hard work by the cast, crew, and student directors Megan Rapuano and Kit Meiler helped make the show a success. Late night rehearsals, weekend tech days and countless hours of staying after school went into making the show seamless and eye catching. People who see the show get to see the final product but not all the hard work and love that went into the show.

HTC’s spring show was a major achievement. The cast and crew’s hard work definitely paid off and the production was absolutely wonderful. Congratulations!