Featured Artist: Arrion Johnson

By Lily Strailey


Chapter One 

By Arrion Johnson

With every dying breath, I find my body living what humanity stands for.. the sense of irony.
My lungs think my nostrils should take a break from new smells
My brain beats constantly with no kisses unaware of the thought bubbles going "Pop!".
My arms walk along the blue floor, while my legs reach for the green sky.
My heart doesn't just live, it breathes.

Dying inhales, dead exhales as presence meets.
And all is forgotten, all is forgotten rhythm except except moment.
Long fragment in short time where except equal decades, blinks equal centuries, and glances equal infinity.
To them we mean so much of nothing that we are something.
Speaking lack in loss and grief.
Here we dance off the reef of the galaxy into our very own continent.
Where there's no irony- only now.

Arrion Johnson is one of Harriton’s brightest stars. Not only does he work in multiple mediums, including poetry and photography, but he also has an amazing Instagram account @Purple.Behavior. Johnson’s poetry is frequently featured on the morning announcements and he has performed in the Harriton Rap Slam events! His work is incredible and one of his poems is below, as well as a fun little interview.

1. What is your favorite style of art to work in and why?

Preferably writing because I feel as though it’s nice to express my thoughts and feelings as words. I also like photography and film to because, unlike with words, you actually get to physically visualize something. I like to physically visualize it so I can to take my words and connect them to the real world, if that makes sense.

2. How do you come up with ideas for your art?

Usually, it just comes to me. It all revolves around how I feel at that time. If I am feeling happy and I see a sunrise, I’m like “Oh!” and I put some things together and it comes out as writing, photography, film. It is all about connecting my emotions, feelings and thoughts to real life!

3. How do you plan to continue your art in the future and how do you think your style will develop/evolve?

Oh, gosh! To be honest, I really don’t know. When people ask me those kinds of questions, I just say “Only time can tell.” I just let fate do it’s thing. People see the work and they are like “Do you want to share this with the class?” or “Do you want to present this at an event?” and I am like, “Oh cool!” and that builds up a resume of brilliant things I have done that involve things I like to do. So how my art will continue… I will just continue to express myself and share it with the world.

4. If you could have one wish granted by a magical genie, what would it be and why?

Oh gosh! I guess it would be… to live in New York City with a lot of money because I want to live in New York City because New York City is life and you need money, a lot of it, to be in New York.


5. Favorite emoji
Heart eyes smiley face

6. Favorite food?

7. Pizza Topping?

8. Animal?

9. Song?
Someone Great

10. Color ?

11. Movie?

12. Animated Movie?

13. Hobby?

14. Book?
To Kill A Mockingbird